Product Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy


$1.87 – 0.25oz. – Walmart


This is one of my very tippy top beauty must-have’s. If I could only have a few skin care products in my drawer, this would hands down make the cut. Even better? It’s only $1.87.

I’ve tried lip balm after lip balm, and while there are lots that I really like, nothing has ever come close to topping regular Vaseline Lip Therapy. I always come back to this. Nothing else soothes my lips more quickly, or truly prevents them from flaking and peeling.


Price – Did I mention it’s only $1.87?

Convenient – Many people keep that typical large jar of Vaseline in their medicine cabinet for treating burns, cuts and scrapes. Not many people use it regularly as a lip conditioner or are even aware that the brand sells a variation of its core product in a tiny little 0.25 oz. jar, specifically for use as lip balm. The tiny jar makes it perfect for stashing away in a pocket, a drawer, a handbag or a car.

Effective – I apply a tiny bit and within minutes, my lips are smooth as glass.

One trick I love is to apply my lip liner first (applying vaseline before liner makes it hard for the liner to go on). Next, apply a bit of vaseline and wait a couple of minutes. Lastly, I apply my favorite lip gloss on top.


None that I can even think of. 🙂


Here is a little breakdown of the different formulas available:


Creme Brulee – Same as the regular formula, but with a more delish scent. Love, love, love.

Cocoa Butter – Similar formula, but infused with cocoa butter. It also has a warm, cocoa butter scent. I like this one just as much as the original and Creme Brulee formulas, but didn’t notice a difference in how well it worked.

Pink – Similar formula, but tinted. So great. Of all the formulas, this one is slightly different. Therefore, a full review is coming soon!


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