Expired: Where to Find Trial Size Beauty Products

Teeny, tiny and oh-so-cute… Besides being adorable, travel or trial sized beauty products can be just what you need in certain situations.

Benefits of trial size beauty products

Sometimes you just want to try something out before you spend the money on a full-sized product. For those of us who are commitment phobics (that would be me), we usually hate the feeling of being stuck with something we don’t want. We’ve all bought something at some point only to find we don’t really like the product. You don’t want to throw it out or waste it, but you know you aren’t going to use it. Trial size beauty products usually only cost a dollar or so and somehow, I never feel bad throwing one of those products out if I find it’s not for me.

Anyone who is an avid traveler knows how heavy your luggage can get – especially on extended trips. Guess what is the number one contributor to heavy suitcases? Tada, the culprits are personal care items at their finest. You might not realize how quickly they add up, but full sized containers of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face cream, hair styling products and shaving gel can add a hefty amount of weight to your bag. With the new airline weight restrictions on luggage, full sized products simply don’t cut it anymore.

In addition to the extra weight, all of these products take up room. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to drag all the extra stuff around with me. Plus, I’d much rather use that extra room for something like, say, a couple extra outfit options.

Finally, with carry on luggage, most airports don’t even allow you to take anything larger than a 3 oz. container of anything on board, so travel sized items are mandatory if you aren’t checking your luggage.

Where to find trial sized beauty products

1. Most grocery store and drug stores have an entire section dedicated to travel sized beauty items. You can usually find everything from shaving gel to deodorant to lotion and shampoo. Travel sized razors are even available too.

2. Your second option is to order these products online. Here is a complete list of the best online resources for travel sized beauty products:


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