Product Review: Pureology Essential Repair Restorative Hair Masque

I love this hair masque. It strengthens, softens, conditions and revitalizes your hair in one easy treatment.

To apply, you work the product into wet hair. Wait 2-5 minutes for a normal treatment. For a little extra dose of repair, wrap hair in a warm towel and wait for 20-30 minutes. I like to finish up my regular shower and then do this extra step at the end. Then, I’ll get out of the shower, apply my body lotion, facial serums, moisturizers, etc. I’ll then turn the water back on and rinse out my hair.

Ideally, use this masque once a week. If you’re like me, and you only wash your hair every 4-5 days, I’ll apply this masque every other or every third time I wash my hair.

* Update: It is now discontinued, but you can try Pureology’s new Strength Cure Restorative Masque for a similar treatment for dry, distressed or damaged hair. 

Pureology Essential Repair Restorative Hair Masque

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