Product Review: Avène Soothing Radiance Mask


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The Avène Soothing Radiance Mask is an ultra-healing and nourishing face mask that softens and soothes dry and stressed skin. It relieves any irritation (like sunburns or redness), combats aging, and hydrates skin.


Soothing affect. The Soothing Radiance Mask works wonders on dry and stressed skin. It seriously makes my skin SO soft after only a couple uses. Consistent use of this mask will result in dreamy soft skin.

Fresh scent. This mask has a simple and clean smell that does not overwhelm you while using it. I try to stray away from skincare that is heavily scented as it often irritates skin more than it helps. The Avène Soothing Radiance Mask accomplishes a soothing scent while not harming your skin with unnecessary irritants.

Ease of use. This mask is far from difficult or complicated. Simply apply the creamy mask on for 10-15 minutes and your face and neck will be left smooth and soft. It can also be used as an overnight mask (my recommendation!) for ultimate soothing.


Price. $26.00 for 1.6oz is fairly pricy for a face mask. The high cost for a small amount of the mask is my only issue with this product. One tip I have is to try different retailers when buying the mask. For example, it is currently on sale HERE from Pharmaca for only $22. Even on sale, this mask can be out of budget. I would recommend checking out our post on DIY Face Masks for Dry Skin to try out free solutions that can easily be made at home!

I would definitely recommend trying out this product. You won’t regret buying the Soothing Radiance Mask by Avène, especially if you live in particularly dry climates or have over-stressed and over-tired skin.

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Product Review: Avène Soothing Radiance Mask

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