Product Review: Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Night Cream

I wanted to love this.

After reading so many positive reviews, I went ahead and bought full sized jar, thinking I would fall in love. That was my first mistake. I didn’t take my own advice and get a sample first. Always try a sample! Remember, you can always stop by a Sephora and try out any of their products for free before you buy them!

This night cream is said to be a deeply hydrating moisturizer that recharges, refinishes and refreshes your skin overnight.

If you have normal to oily skin, this night cream might be just what you are looking for. For my normal/dry skin, however, it just didn’t deliver.

I’ve mentioned before that my biggest skin care pet peeve is when a moisturizer leaves my skin feeling tight and dry underneath while the product just ‘sits’ on top of my skin. This night cream did just that. I felt like it left a film on top of my skin, and never really seemed to sink in to my skin’s deeper layers.

For me, this product was nowhere near heavy enough to use as a night cream. I’m actually quite surprised that it IS a night cream. The first time I tried it, I tried to leave it on by itself for as long as I could. I couldn’t stand it. My skin felt so stiff and tight. I had to go put my favorite hydrating mask on top (GlamGlow ThirstyMud – review coming soon!). I wore the Renewed Hope in a Jar Night three or four more times by itself, where it didn’t seem to bother me as much. But the next time I wore it, I had a repeat of time #1. I just couldn’t take it and let my GlamGlow come to the rescue.

I gave it a fair shot, and I don’t think I’ll buy it again. Especially with it’s price of $52 for a 2 oz. jar. I’ve found others that I am obsessed with, so there’s no reason to keep this one one my shelf.

In the product’s defense, this might just not be the best night cream for my skin type. You may find that you absolutely love it. I’ve seen both rave reviews and reviews similar to mine.

I did like just about everything else about it. It smells nice, and the packaging is great.

The product did give my skin a very healthy glow, and I will plan on using the rest of my jar – but in combination with another heavier night cream. 🙂

I’ve given it two stars because I think it would work very well for some people (just not me). 🙂

Let me know what you guys thought of it, if you’ve tried it! Did you love it? Hate it?

Stay tuned for our next review, coming up later this week! 🙂


Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Night Cream Review


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