Expired: Mineral Makeup Samples from Elegant Minerals

Elegant Minerals is offering sample kits of their mineral makeup for just an extra $.01. You do have to pay shipping on this offer, so if you are purchasing something already, it’s best to just add this sample onto an existing order. Find out why they are offering their samples for such a low price, and why they are so confident in their product.

Each sample pack comes with four packets of mineral makeup within your selected color range. You need to determine which overall range will be the best general fit for you, and then once the samples come, you can narrow down your match even more to find an exact match.

First determine your skin depth (light, medium or dark). Then go to the corresponding page here:


They offer both a cool and warm version for each of the Light, Medium and Dark color depths. So, pick either the cool or warm version (depending on your skin’s undertones) to add to your cart.

So, you would end up with one of the following shade ranges: Light/Cool, Light/Warm, Medium/Cool, Medium/Warm, Dark/Cool, Dark/Warm. Remember, they will then send you the four samples that fall within that shade range so that you can pinpoint your shade down to an exact match.

If you like the product and are able to find your exact match, you will know which specific shade to purchase if yo choose to order again.

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