Lacoste Samples

Lacoste, known for their classic/preppy style has some great fragrances available for men and women. Of course, these are best for personalities who love the brand image since the scents will mesh well with a look that corresponds with the feel of the clothing line.

Some of their most popular fragrances included Lacoste Essential and Essential Sport. Some popular women’s perfumes include Touch of Pink and Lacoste for Women. Both have been best sellers over the years. The Orange scents are also huge hits among Lacoste fans.

Trying some free Lacoste fragrance samples will help you find the scent that fits you best. After all, since perfumes and colognes are quite expensive, free perfume samples can really save you quite a bit of time and money.

Whether the fragrance is for you or is to be given to someone special as a gift, test out some of the samples below before you buy the full sized bottle. Enjoy!