Product Review: KORRES Body Butter


$31.00 7.95 oz –


This mega rich Korres body butter is definitely worth a look. It doesn’t outshine my all time favorite Body Shop Body Butter, but I’d still consider it one of my favorite body butters.


Uber rich texture. This one is oh-so-rich. It is thick and dense and really moisturizes. However, it takes a bit for it to fully absorb. Which leads me to my next point:

It’s not the very fastest absorbing body butter (but not the slowest either!). Because of this, I prefer to apply it before bedtime, or to my feet right before putting on socks. I like to let it soak in and deeply moisturize my skin while I drift off to sleep.

You can also solely use this body butter in certain areas where you want an extra strong dose of softening – think elbows, hands, knees, heels, callouses, etc.

Nice scents. You can choose from a variety of scents. They are very nice. Some I like better than others. Basil Lemon is probably my fav.


Availability. These aren’t widely available. You can usually find them at a limited number of places. Here are a few:, Sephora stores and

Price. These are pretty expensive at regular their regular price. At $31 a pop, these cost a pretty penny and would be considered a special treat for most of us. However, they often have these in sets during the holidays where you can snag 3 or 4 for a discount – usually around $30 or $40 for the set. Better yet, these sets often go on sale for an even deeper discount after the holiday season is over. Last year, I got sets of three for $19 on sale at Sephora.

Also, for a limited time, Sephora does have two scents (Jasmine and Basil Lemon) on sale for only $8.00 each!

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  • yes hi my name is robin anders I have very sensitive skin and I love the shea butter ltions they are real good for my sensitive skin


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