Expired: 16 New Year’s Resolution Health and Fitness Freebies for 2015

The New Year sparks a feeling of motivation, inspiration and new beginnings. To help you take advantage of this year’s fresh start, we’ve pulled together this list of freebies that will help you in your quest to improve your health, fitness and overall well being for 2015. Have at ’em!

Free Gym Memberships & Fitness Classes

If your 2015 goals include getting in better shape, these fitness freebies should be your first stop. Finding the right place to workout is key, so we recommend trying out any and all that are in your area. By the time you’ve made the rounds, you’ll have a good idea of which place you like best.

    Lululemon – Free yoga classes at your nearest store. If you haven’t had the treat of enjoying a free yoga class from Lululemon yet, you need to put it on your to-do list asap. They make these classes fun and educational – and versatile so they’re a good fit for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Sometimes the classes are offered at the store, and sometimes they’re offered somewhere nearby (even outdoors!). They like to mix it up. You can find your local store’s schedule by stopping by or giving them a call. There’s no limit to the number of free classes you are allowed to attend, but don’t blame me if you find yourself a bit addicted to their adorable workout wear after a while. 🙂

    New Years Resolution Health and Fitness Freebies PrettyThrifty.com

    XSport Fitness – Free seven day pass for you and a friend, plus one free personal training session and seven days of free tanning. A $125 Value. These guys are offering much more than most of the other free trial memberships. Meeting with a personal trainer even just once can give you some great ideas of how to take your routine up a notch. Sign me up!

    Anytime Fitness – Free seven day pass. If you have an Anytime fitness near you, you’re in luck. These gyms have a smaller, less intimidating vibe than some of the huge gyms around town. Perfect for those who like to workout with fewer distractions and more privacy.

    24 Hour Fitness – Free guest pass – includes group fitness classes and other gym facilities.

    Gold’s Gym – Free seven day VIP pass. The great thing about Gold’s gyms is that they are everywhere. If one of the other gyms aren’t nearby, chances are, you can find a Gold’s Gym instead. They offer classes like Pilates, Step Areobics, MMA, Yoga, Tai chi, Zumba and others.

    OneLife Fitness – Free seven day pass. This gym offers just about every class under the sun: Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics, Strength Training, kickboxing, cycling, aquatics and Les Mills classes like BodyPump and BodyFlow.

    World Gym – Free pass. This sign up page is great because they’ll have you first enter your zip code. They’ll show you a list of your closest gyms right off the bat. They offer a variety of classes and even have a special ‘Barbell Cafe’ where you can order pre and post workout smoothies and shakes.

    Bally Total Fitness – Free seven day pass.

Free Vitamins and Supplements Samples

Here are some of our favs when it comes to health and nutrition. Be sure to check out our full page of nutrition freebies for a list of even more of the latest samples. We keep it updated regularly with all the best freebies available.

    Zarbees Elderberry Immune Health Gummy MultivitaminsSign up here or read more.

    Nordic Naturals Wellness Sample PackGet it here or read more. You can select from three options: their Wellness Sample Pack, Children’s Sample Pack, or a Pet Sample Pack.

    Emergen-C Vitamin DrinkGet one here or read more.

    Ola Loa Multi VitaminsGet it here or read more.

Free Health Magazine Subscriptions

Getting a magazine every month or two can only help you stick to your goals – it’s a subtle reminder and motivator. Whether you’re wanting to learn more about fitness in general or start a new sport or hobby, these magazines may be just what you’re looking for.

These are just a couple of our favorite currently available magazine freebies. Don’t forget to stop by our main free magazine subscription page for even more free subscriptions. We add new ones to it regularly as they become available.

Free Nutritious Snack Samples

I love keeping healthy protein bars and granola bars on hand because they are a perfect way to get a healthy, in-between-meals snack. However, I don’t know about you, but the biggest thing standing between me and a new box of protein/health bars is not knowing if they’re delicious or disgusting. If they’re the latter, an utter sense of wasted money sinks in. Ugh. I hate that. These kinds of sample offers are my fav because I can try them out before I buy.

Here’s to 2015! We hope you find a few freebies that will help you set sail on a happier, healthier life this year!

If you’re hungry for more, you can see our complete list of health and fitness freebies here and an archive of all published deals, discounts and samples here.

Expired: 16 New Year’s Resolution Health and Fitness Freebies for 2015


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