Product Review: GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment

I’m a huge GLAMGLOW fan. I’ve tried almost every product they make. I wont go so far as to say every single GLAMGLOW product is a winner, but they definitely have more than a few in their skin care line.

This is one of them.

If you have dry skin, this is a must try product. It is hands down the best dry skin treatment I have ever used.

It sinks deep into your skin and feels like it reaches the very deepest layers, softening everything up like you’ve never felt before. Your skin will drink it right up! My skin has never felt more supple, more quenched or more comfortable.

I love the fragrance. It’s not flowery or citrusy – it’s just a smooth, warm scent that almost reminds me of almonds or coconut.

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment PrettyThrifty.comThis treatment can be used overnight treatment or as a daytime treatment. It can also be used during long flights to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

It is especially effective when used as an overnight treatment. First, start with clean skin. (Wash with your favorite cleanser and pat dry.) Apply a generous, even layer of THIRSTYMUD to your face. You can also do your neck and chest too. Leave it on overnight and then rinse with cool water in the morning.

For daytime use, apply an even layer and then leave it on for about 10-20 minutes. When finished, massage any remaining product into your skin. You can use a tissue to remove any excess product and then rinse with water.

For in flight use, just apply it prior to your flight and leave it on for the duration. If you’re one of those who hates that feeling of tight, dry skin that you get after just a few hours in the air, this product is a lifesaver.

The only, and I mean only downside to this product is the price. Is it worth the splurge? Definitely. But, it IS a splurge. For the large sized jars (1.7 oz. size), they are $69. Ouch. But here’s how I work my way around the high price. Sephora carries value sets most of the year and always near the holidays. These sets are the same price as the regular jars, but they come with three products and sometimes a brush, making the cost much more justifiable. In addition, sometimes has 2 for 1 promotions. When those roll around, I stock up immediately. At $35 or so a jar, I don’t feel one bit guilty. This is one of the few expensive products I feel is worth the splurge (if you have dry skin). The stuff is THAT good.

And yes, I did give it 5 stars. πŸ™‚

icon to check out the small and regular sized jars as well as any of the value kits that Sephora has right now.

If you’re not sure about the higher price of this product, I also absolutely love belif’s Moisturizing Bomb (which is $38 for the same size jar), or L’Oreal’s Collagen Moisture Filler Cream (which is just $10-12/jar). Both are great alternatives if you’re looking for a good deeply moisturizing treatment.


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