Product Review: GlamGlow SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser


$29 Sephora


Overall, this is a great cleanser. It does a great job at removing makeup, dirt oil, and whatever else is lurking in your pores.

I’ve been using it for a little over a month now, and I’m really liking it so far.


Removes Makeup – I’m a minimalist at heart, and I hate having to use a separate makeup remover and cleanser to clean my skin. This product gets bonus points from me because it does a great job of removing my makeup. I can just use the one product and I’m done. No makeup residue shows up on my towel when I dry my face (this is my only complaint about my drugstore fav Clean & Clear Exfoliating Cleanser).

Non Drying – I have normal to dry skin, and this cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and not over-dried. I have heard reports from others that say this cleanser is too drying, but for me, that isn’t the case. I tend to have a hard time finding products that don’t dry out my skin, so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re in the same boat as me.


My two gripes with this product are the packaging and the application process. Because of these, I gave it 3.5 stars.

Packaging – The packaging is pretty, but the pump part of the dispenser is a bit annoying. It isn’t very sturdy, and requires more pressure than most other products you typically use. I find myself using both hands to get the product out. It feels really awkward to try and dispense the product with just one hand.

I’ve also heard from some people that their pump actually broke. On mine, the pump definitely doesn’t feel very sturdy – it even feels a little loose. But so far mine has stayed intact.

Application – The application of the product is the other thing that is a bit of a hassle. You are supposed to apply it with dry hands to your dry face. However, I always find myself in the shower or at the sink realizing that I already got my hands wet. Hahaha. My hands end up wet when I turn on the shower and so it takes some thinking ahead to remember to either apply it before turning on the water, or to keep them out of the spray until I’ve applied the cleanser.

It also takes a bit of effort to actually use the product. You’re supposed to apply it dry, then lather up the remaining product in your hands, then lather up your face, then add a bit more water, lather again, etc. etc. etc. It’s not just a simple ‘apply, wash and rinse’ product.

You’ll also find it takes quite a bit of rinsing to wash off. Because of this, I like to apply mine in the shower.

Price – At $39 for a 5 oz. container, this cleanser isn’t cheap. But it does go on sale from time to time. It’s currently on sale for $29 at Sephora, and was on sale for just $19 at recently.

The good news is that you can usually ask for a free sample at any Sephora location, and then if you find you like it, you can avoid paying full price by watching for discounts.


  • I also like to use my face cleaners in the shower, I have found a make mess when I do it at the sink. I may have to stop in and get a sample and see how it works for me. I to worry have products making my face dry


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