Get Cash Back Refunds on Recent Purchases with Paribus

Here’s an awesome new money saving tool for all of you frugal fashionistas to use! Since stores change their prices all the time, you can now get a refund when a price drops on something you already purchased.

Paribus is a new price matching service that goes through your online receipts, automatically detects price changes, and then auto submits your refund requests for you. When you’re eligible for a refund due to a price difference, you get the refund without having do any of the work. It’s completely free to use! They also do not keep any percentage of your savings – they’ve made it completely free to use!

As their commission, Paribus keeps 20% of the refund (so you get 80%). But, if you refer a friend to also sign up, your percentage goes up another 5% and so on. Pretty sweet considering you don’t really have to do anything and that you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten a refund at all.

One of my friends, Christy, tried it out and said, “Literally within 10 seconds of me signing up, I got a notification that the steam mop I bought 3 days ago on Amazon was currently $16 cheaper than what I paid. Paribus auto-submitted a refund request to Amazon for me. I got an email from Amazon this morning that I was being credited the $16 price difference. So excited!”

You can connect to your Gmail, Yahoo mail or other mail programs and Paribus scans for receipts. You can also connect your Amazon account and they’ll go through all your purchases there as well.

We’re hooked!

Go here to sign up.

Get Cash Back Refunds on Recent Purchases with Paribus


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