Free Virtual Makeovers

I tell everyone how I would love to see how I look with another hair color.. but I’m way too chicken to just go ahead and try it. My stylist even said that the change might be too much of a shock and that, if I didn’t like the new look, changing my hair back to its original color would take forever. So guess what? Yep, I’ve just stayed the same color. :)

Well, I started coming across these virtual makeovers – fun online programs that allow you to upload your pic and see what you’d look like with different hair, makeup, styling, etc. These things are genius, and perfect for someone like me.

Take the plunge and see what you’ll look like with all those styles and shades you’ve wondered about – without taking any risks. If you do find yourself falling in love with one of your new alter egos, you can easily have something to show your stylist to help ensure she creates the same look next time you go in for a hair appointment. These online makeovers can also give you some fun, new ideas for makeup and fashion trends. See which styles you can pull off, and which ones you’d better skip.

The best part of all this is that it’s fun. Have at it!

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List of Where to Get Free Virtual/Online Makeovers: