Expired: Free Sample of Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste for Costco Members

Costco and Sensodyne have a free offer available while supplies last. Costco members can get a free 0.8oz. sample of Sensodyne┬« Extra Whitening Toothpaste. Go here to sign up. You’ll see a blue ‘get a sample’ link. Click on that link and it will take you to the page where you enter your mailing info. ­čÖé

This formula of toothpaste is specifically designed to give those who have sensitive teeth a whitening formula that won’t cause irritation and additional tooth sensitivity. Most whitening formulas do increase sensitivity, making them nearly impossible for many people to use. This sample is perfect if you have sensitive teeth concerns. Within 14 days you should notice an improvement in the overall sensitivity of your teeth and improved whiteness over time.

The samples will take between 4 and 6 weeks to arrive.


  • Hi, I Hope you are Having a Good Day Today! I Absolutely Love Sensodyne Toothpaste and it’s the Only Toothpaste that I Use, actually it’s the Only One that I Can Use! I am on Several Medications for Several Different things but I was in a Motorcycle Wreck and the Doctor Put Me on Medication for the Pain! I Did Not Realize All the Side Effects it Would Cause, One of Which is Extremely Dry Mouth! I Did Not Know that Dry Mouth Could Cause Cavities, Well Boy was I Wrong! I Will Put it this Way, I Never had a Cavity before the Age of 26 and Now I have Several! I Do Not Have Insurance Either So it is Extremely Expensive to Fill them All and Since I Can’t Currently Work My Parents are Paying All My Medical Bills (God Bless Them!) So All I Can Do Right Now is Keep them from Getting Worse so I Use Biotine (Forgive my Spelling) for the Dry Mouth and Since my Teeth are Extremely Sensitive Now I Use Sensodyne! If I Eat Anything Cold or Sweet it is Like a Pain that Shoots through Your Whole Body! I have Tried Other Sensitive Brand Toothpastes but the Sensitivity Came Right Back so Now I Stay On Sensodyne for Good! I Absolutely Could Use Some Samples of it so Thank You for Letting Us All Know About it! Hope you have a Blessed Day! Jana Williams


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