Free Perfume Samples

Free perfume samples are the best way to try a new scent.

They’re readily available at department store fragrance counters as well as online.

If you’re in a store, it’s easy to spritz on any scent you like using one of the tester bottles. However, you may not be aware that you can also get sample fragrances at the register as well. These samples aren’t displayed for all to see. You simply have to ask for them.

You can also get free perfume samples by mail through the offers listed at the bottom of the page. We keep it updated with the most recent perfume and fragrance freebies. Be sure to also check out our list of men’s cologne samples.

Whether you choose to try a fragrance at the counter, take one home to try, or to sign up for some of the offers on this page, here are a few quick tips:

Essential Tips for Choosing a Fragrance

1. Take time to smell the roses… I mean, coffee beans.

You’ve all seen them. Jars of coffee beans are almost always placed on each counter at any fragrance store or department store fragrance section. Some shoppers might think it’s a little weird, but those coffee beans are actually there to help clear out your system. After smelling too many perfumes or colognes, everything starts to blend together and smell the same. It becomes difficult to really tell what the next scent smells like. If you hold the jar up near your nose and breath in some of the aroma, you’ll be able to start fresh and really take in the scent of the next fragrance you try.

2. Give it a little time

Once you have narrowed down your choice to your top one or two fragrances, try giving each one an entire day of wear. You can apply one to each wrist while at the fragrance counter, but we recommend simply requesting a free perfume sample of each fragrance and wearing just one at a time. You can also opt to try perfume miniatures or roller balls, which are anywhere from free to considerably less expensive than a whole bottle. If you wear one at a time, you can really determine how long each one lasts. Most fragrances will linger all day, but some fade more quickly. This way, you can find exactly what you are looking for. You can also really pin point how it smells throughout the day since fragrances change slightly over time after being applied to skin.

3. Don’t take someone else’s word for it

Each fragrance will mesh differently with each person’s skin. This is due to everyone’s own unique skin chemistry. A fragrance that smells great on someone else, might not work well for you. You definitely also want to take your personality into consideration. You want to find a fragrance that “matches” you. If you are fun and flirty, choose a lighter, floral or fruit fragrance. If you are sexy and mysterious, a deeper, more intense scent will do.

Give it a go and try out some of the current free perfume samples below.