Free Hair Color Samples

Have any friends who change their hair color like they change outfits? When it comes to hair, changing it up can give you that much needed boost to get through a break up, a job change, or just an ordinary rut. Sometimes you just need to shake things up.

If you get your hair done at a salon, then great – ask your stylist for some ideas or recommendations on color. For those of you who are do-it-yourself divas, you know how tricky it can be to find that perfect hair color. In addition to the hundreds of colors you have to choose from, hair color doesn’t come cheap. Avoid paying for something until you know it’s a color that works by trying free hair color samples.

Keep in mind some of these tips when coloring your hair at home. First, if using a color that contains bleach, be sure to give your hair at least a few weeks in between coloring sessions. Colors that lighten your hair are generally more damaging than those that simply deposit color or darken your locks. Next, if you do color treat your hair, you also want to be sure to use a deep conditioner on a regular basis. We recommend at least once a week. Check out our list of free conditioner samples.

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