Free Gift Cards

Ok, I admit it. Gift cards are my “go to” gift at the moment. Why? Because in all reality, I, myself, would rather get a gift card from someone, than a random clothing or makeup item that I don’t really need, want or like. Yes, it’s a little sad to say, but I’m just pretty picky these days and I like to pick out my own stuff. So, I assume others do too.

Gift cards are great because you can save them for a rainy day (or a bad day for that matter). Either way, they’re the best thing ever when the time comes that you really need a little shopping excursion. They’re a great pick me up and a great way to not feel guilty about spending money at a certain store. In contrast, let’s say someone gives you cash as a gift. Well, you then might feel obligated to use the money for something practical. But with a gift card, no. It’s like the absolute hall pass to spending your money guilt free at your favorite store.

Whether you use these for yourself or as gifts, here are the free gift card offers we’ve found. They are each offered by a third party site, but we created this page as a place to keep them all listed in one place. This way, we do the hard part for you and you won’t have to go hunt all over tarnation to get your deal.

Latest Free Gift Card Offers: