Free Eye Makeup Samples

Any beauty guru knows that your eyes are usually the most noticeable part of your look. You definitely want to perfect your eye makeup before anything else. Since there are so many looks and eye makeup products to choose from, the options can become a little overwhelming. This list of free eye makeup samples is here to save the day. This page contains the latest legit offers the web has to offer. As you browse the offers below, here are a couple tips to remember when choosing which eye makeup sample offers to try.

1. Experiment with colors that complement your skin tone. Makeup samples are by far the best way to try new shades of makeup. You need to test them in different lighting, and you also want to see how the product lasts over the course of a few hours. When deciding on a potential color, however, you still want to aim to choose shades that will mesh with your skin tone. If you have cooler skin, think blues, purples, pinks and greys. If you have warmer skin, try colors like bronze, copper, gold, and tan. Many of us are in between skin tones – only slightly warm or slightly cool. In these cases, you can get away with most shades because there is a warm or cool version of most colors. For instance, with pink, there will be warmer shades with a little more peach in them, and there will be cooler shades with a little more purple in them. Go with the one that fits your skin tone best.

2. Stick to products that will mesh with your skin type. If your skin tends to be more oily, powder eyeshadow formulas might suit you best. If it is usually more on the dry side, you can get away with trying some of the cream eyeshadow formulas. Powder shadows are the most versatile and will work on just about every skin type. If you’re somewhere in the middle, or not sure if a certain eyeshadow will work, then testing a new formula out can’t hurt. In this case, trying free eye makeup samples is the best way to go. And lucky you… you have a head start since you’ve already found this page. :)

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