Expired: Free 6.8oz Realtree for Her Body Lotion Sample

Free Realtree for Her Body Lotion Sample PrettyThrifty.com

Update 6/23/2014: The site is working much better now. It was very glitchy over the last couple of days.

Hurry on this one! Go here to get a free sample of Realtree for Her body lotion. You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. The free lotion is the very last product. You will see a price of $0.00 and a button where you can add it to your cart. šŸ™‚ Shipping is free also while supplies last, so hurry!

You won’t want to miss this one since this freebie is a 6.8oz size! The site is running pretty slow because of the traffic, so keep trying to get in by waiting a couple minutes if you’re not able to at first.


  • thank you for the freebie but I have been trying for an hour now and I can get one step further but them the website fails again… doesn’t look like I will be getting one =( stupid website just keeps going down

  • ugh, I give up. lolol that is the glitchiest site ever. I finally got to the shipping page and then it told me my address was invalid which it isn’t. probably waaay more traffic than they ever thought they’d get, especially after being featured in Ipsy.

  • I think they’re out of stock because it’s not even showing up anymore! I tried it a couple nights ago and could never get to the final page after checking out.


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