Coupon Codes, Promo Codes, Discount Codes

We all love them: coupon codes, promotional codes, discount codes, and more. Nothing tops off a great online shopping excursion than finding a coupon code for a product you’re already planning on buying. Promo codes are the icing of the cake when it comes to shopping online. While you’re on the web, keep these helpful hints in mind.

Tips and tricks for online shopping:

1. Know your size. When I find a brand I love, I make sure to try on their clothes in the store to get a pretty good understanding of what my size is in that particular store. That way, when I’m shopping at that store online at a later date, I have a much better chance of choosing the size that will fit best. Each store tends to stay true to size, the only problem is that those “sizes” can vary from one store to the next. For instance, you might normally be a 27 in Rock and Republic jeans, but you might tend to be a 28 with Citizens of Humanity jeans.

2. Shop for comparisons. Let’s say you’re looking for skin care products. If you buy the product the first place you look, you might be missing out on a discount. Search for the product at a few different retailers. You can even check for coupon codes for each of those stores. After finding a few different options, you can go with the cheapest, fastest shipping, or whatever retailer best meets your needs.

3. Make sure that the retailer accepts returns. The one challenge with online shopping is the chance that something might not fit quite right once it arrives. If you’ve shopped quite a bit at a certain store, you’ll almost always be just fine. But if you’re shopping from a brand you are new to, you won’t be certain of the fit until the product comes. For this reason, you should always ensure that returns are allowed and that the return process is relatively simple. Who knows, you may need to exchange sizes or colors, so you want to check their return policy before submitting your order.

Be a savvy shopper and take advantage of these great coupon codes below. Get what you want and save some cash along the way.