Product Review: Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

Ooooh… I like.

This Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask is a dream. It’s a deeply hydrating overnight mask. You apply it before bed and it softens, protects and hydrates your skin while you rest. Its long term anti-aging benefits also help your skin retain it’s youth.

It’s a super thick cream that feels mostly like a cream, but a tad like a gel. It smells delish. It has a light, airy, citrus/floral scent that I love. I hate heavier smelling products. This one just smells good.

Wash your face with your favorite cleanser before bed time. Next, apply any serums or retinols you use. Then apply the mask to your face. You need to be sort of quick to spread it around. It sinks in quickly enough, that if you have very dry skin, it becomes a little hard to move around your face after five seconds or so. You want to avoid feeling like you are pulling or stretching your skin, so either spread it around quickly from the get go, or just use a little more product for any area that needs it.

Even though it sinks in like that at first, it still leaves you with a gel-like or ‘sticky’ feeling on the top layer of your skin for the first ten or fifteen minutes. After that, I felt like it sort of ‘melted’ into my skin. It still felt a tad sticky/greasy, but overall, it was mostly just a glossy, facial oil kind of finish. This texture remained until I fell asleep.

When I laid down, I laughed a little because it almost felt like my cheek was sticking to my pillowcase. 🙂

The instructions are to just rinse with water to remove any excess product in the morning. When I woke, most of the product had either been absorbed into my skin while I slept (or absorbed by my pillowcase?), so a quick rinse with some cool water felt perfect. You may want to just use your normal cleanser, so try both and see which you like better.

After a night of wearing this mask, my skin felt great. It felt nourished, soft and radiant. I’m definitely a fan.

I’ve heard that some people even use this during the day. For me though, and even with my dry skin, this would be way too greasy/oily for daytime use.

At $34 for a 2.8 oz. tube, this is a bigger size than what you get with many similar moisturizers. It’s a decent price for how much product you get. It’s still not cheap though. On the other hand, it will last a super long time. I would estimate at least 4 months or so, maybe longer.

Overall, I really liked the Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask from Boscia. I would definitely buy it again, especially if it was on sale. 🙂 It gets 3.5 stars.

Have any of you tried this out? What did you think?

boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask Review


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