Affordable Fashion Finds – The Ultimate Guide on Where to Find Cute, Cheap Clothes

A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily make something look nicer, feel better or last longer. When it comes to fashion, having more money to spend only means that you have more options on where to spend it.

You can look just as good, if not better, and spend less money in the process if you just know where to shop.

We decided to put together this list of hidden gems – places where you can buy super cute, fashionable clothes, but for a lot less money. We’ve included a couple well known favorites as well as a ton of lesser known shops you’ve probably never heard of.

Best Affordable Fashion Retailers

  • Forever 21 – This place has found that magical middle ground where both 11 year old girls and 40 year old women can find something they love in the store. They have everything from fun, trendy pieces to classic, simple basics – and their prices are the lowest you’ll find. I have camisoles that I’ve worn for almost five years now and they were $3.80 each. Super soft, perfect fit and awesome for layering. Same goes for their basic cap sleeve tees – I think those were $5.80. Fashion tops are anywhere from $9 to $40 depending on the top. The only thing I’d recommend is to actually go in to the store instead of shopping online. Forever 21 is notorious for images where the color shown on the website looks VERY different from the color of the item in real life. Plus, as is the case with most stores like this, you can tell a lot from seeing and feeling the fabric in person. The material can make a piece look either amazing or terrible – and it’s hard to differentiate between the two from their stock images.
  • SugarLips – Go now! This store has every basic you could ever need – for a killer price. We are obsessed. They also have a deal where you get 25% off if you buy three or more pieces. Their stuff is classy and perfect for pairing with other pieces you already have in your closet. This is one of our top recommmendations.
  • A list of the best places to find cute, fashion forward yet inexpensive clothing. So many hidden gems - how have I never heard of these before? Great pin.
  • Cotton On – Another top favorite of ours. This place is to die for. You will love their stuff! Priced super low, you get great stuff for the price. This is one of my favorites. They even offer free shipping on all orders over $45.
  • Chloe Loves Charlie – This place has some adorable finds. Every couple items is on markdown and this will be where you find the best deals.
  • 2020Ave – Another darling retailer with super cute finds and stellar prices. Tops range from just $9 to about $33. Cute cute basics as well as a good selection of trendy pieces too.
  • Love Culture – Oh so cute. Well, there ARE a few items that are a no-go, but for the most part, you can find ultra cute pieces for next to nothing.
  • TJ Maxx’s New Online Junior’s Department – To die for. Awesome stuff, now (as of this week) available online! This is stellar. TJ Maxx, or ‘Teej’ as we like to call it, is one my top places I regularly hit. I’ve found some of my best all time steals here. I’m a regular shopper and would recommend it to anyone. It’s an especially great place to find designer handbags and shoes for way way less than anywhere else.
  • Necessary Clothing – Another must shop site. Very cute stuff, very affordable prices.
  • H&M – This store has a lot fashions in the same price range as Forever 21, as well as a few that are a few dollars more (still very affordable though). Forever 21 still takes the cake as far as fit and fabric, but H&M has a ton of additional options and is still a place you’ll want to explore.

A Few More Options

Best pin! A huge list of sites where you can get gorgeous, fashionable clothes for super cheap. This changes everything - so many good deals!

Although their prices aren’t quite as cheap as the list above, here are a few more ‘still-pretty-dang-affordable’ places you should stop by.

  • Sosie – Although the regular prices are a bit more than the ones on our main list, this little shop has quite a few markdowns, which put their pieces right around the price range that we like. Here’s a direct link to their sale page.
  • A-Thread – They have quite a few cute tops for $19 on their sale page.
  • Publik – This site had some absolutely to die for tops for $18 and $20. Others were priced between $30-40, but there were still plenty of hot fashion items for quite affordable prices. Definitely check them out.
  • ThreadSence – SUCH cute stuff. And you can get free shipping when you create your account.
  • URBANOG – This one made our list, but it was a little hit and miss. There are some absolutely adorable items here, but you have to be selective.

The Next Step

Less expensive stores are great. But, you may be shocked to know how possible it is to get actual designer clothes for close to the same price. Yes, I’m for real.

If you’re ready to take the next step up, check out our complete guide to getting designer clothes for less. And be sure to check out our new Frugal Finds page. We feature many highly discounted designer items that we don’t want you to miss!

Stay Tuned!

A complete list of the BEST places online to get cute cute clothes for cheap. So many places I'd never heard of! Must read.

The price tag of an item has so little to do with what will actually look good on you. Now that you know WHERE to go to get cute, affordable clothing, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on HOW to make your outfits look more expensive. So often, it comes down to things like fit, color, fabric, and how you pair items. We’ll teach you how to look amazing for next to nothing.

Do you have any favorite go-to stores for cheap fashion? Let us know in the comments!


  • Thanks for all the great suggestions. However, it would have been nice if there were some plus size retailers included.

      • Thank you for your positive reply! It’s nice to see the fashion industry or at least public opinion opening up to include plus-size customers. There’s a fortune to be made by a retailer who finds the right formula. My favorite place to shop was Fashion Bug, but now I’ll have to find another source. Catherine’s is OK but too expensive, and Lane Bryant’s sales can be good, although I wish the closest one wasn’t in a mall. For basics like black pants, underwear or T-shirts, I sometimes find acceptable items at Walmart, Dollar General, Family Dollar or Kmart.

      • You should check out the Platos Closet…consignment brand name cloths..We travel to Bellingham from B.C. Canada just to shop there. Excellent cloths,accessories, have it all…for very reasonable prices…We LOVE it

      • Why don’t you start getting some healthy food and doing some yoga etc . Your life would be a lot better. Why buy new big clothes when you could be loosing weight, and looking a lot better

        • Doing yoga helps you lose weight? Good luck with that. Just because somebody wears plus size does not mean they are unhealthy.

  • i never found anything in forever 21, maybe b/c i am too old and look for better made clothes. however, i am a big fan of tjmaxx, marshalls, i do find that if you live where there are several of thee stores, if you go to a higher class shopping area, the clothes will be better. i have never found much on clothes at ross, but have found some good work out clothes and nice doggy things…

  • Love forever 21! Sometimes it’s hard to find items that don’t look trashy, but there is always a good deal!

  • Some resale shops are pretty good, too! I love going to Plato’s Closet. A lot of times they have brand name clothes with the tags still on, but for super cheap!

  • love tj maxx, they have even started a designer section…other than forever 21, h&m, i have not heard abt most of these. sometimes you can get good deals at ross. depending on the area you live, like n va, dc, salvation army and goodwill has some things,,,,but it really depends if you live in a nicer area

  • i absolutely love forever 21, but who doesn’t? our mall now has cotton on but i’ve never been in there. guess i’ll have to go check it out and i’m totally bookmarking this page. i love when i come across sites that list other shops they love!

  • Good suggestions. I already shop at a few of those places. I must be doing something right to save on expensive clothing these days.

  • I’m with you, I don’t see the point in spending thousands of dollars on your wardrobe. I like affordable well made pieces usually found on the discount rack. I think Macy’s has a lot of great stuff and coupons too.

  • Impressive list! Very nice stores for the younger crowd at affordable prices! Thank you for your hard work!

  • Wow I had no idea there were so many different places to get cute cheap clothes. Thank you for all of these suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Awesome post, I will definitely be checking out these different shops. I am obsessed with clothes, shoes and handbags and love getting good deals so I can buy more

  • Yes to the plus-size clothing woes! It’s even harder at my age- 38. 40% of the options are too young, 40% of the options are too old, 15% of the options are too expensive, and the other 5% I wouldn’t be caught dead in, lol. Good thing I can sew…

    These are great options for my kiddos, though. My 11 y/o is just discovering clothes.

  • I’m sooo glad you made this list!!! I’m so excited to check them out – I know of Foreve21 and H&M, but not most of the others – wowie – I feel like I hit the jackpot!!

  • Forever 21 is not one of my favorites. However, I have found a few tops in there. I am excited though to check out the other recommendations! this is my first time hearing of these, except for tj max which I love! going to look them up!!

  • Forever 21 is not one of my favorites. However, I have found a few tops in there. I am excited though to check out the other recommendations! this is my first time hearing of these, except for tj max which I love! going to look them up!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I want to try a lot of the places you listed. The only one I really shop at is Forever 21 and I love it so much. A few weeks back I got two adorable dresses for just $8 each from Forever 21.

  • I really appreciate you sharing this. I am all for saving whenever I can. These sound like some great places to start

  • My daughter just turned 13 need I say more lol! So I love finding nice affordable places we can shop. She gets to enjoy finding new clothes and such. I get to enjoy my bank not being empty!

  • has been my absolute go-to for the last 10 years! I found it when I was on the hunt to save money on my own self so I could spoil my first born absolutely rotten LOL!! Theyโ€™ve never let me down, true to size even with shoes and the ONLY issue I EVER had was that theyโ€™ve put EXTRA clothing in my order free of charge and when I called to return them, they said no! Alright then! Customer service is always there for you and everything is from America and shipped right from California! Itโ€™s definitely something you may want to add to your next list!


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