Free Samples With Free Shipping


Ah.. I love getting free samples, but honestly, what’s the point of a “free” sample if I have to pay for shipping? If the product isn’t too expensive on it’s own, I might as well just go buy it myself. For this reason, we’ve created this list of free samples with no shipping costs.

As you browse our most recent finds below, keep in mind these tips to help you save money and effort during your search for free samples.

1. To ensure your free sample offer is truly “free” and doesn’t include any hidden charges for shipping or anything else, make it a rule to never give out any financial information. An company may say they won’t charge you, but free offers may occasionally include fine print which could allow for the contrary. Your safest bet is to simply never give out any credit card or financial info. End of story.

2. If you do decide to sign up for an offer with a shipping charge, be sure to read all the fine details of the offer. Again, we recommend you avoid offers with shipping charges, but if you choose to go ahead with one, don’t skim over any of the fine print.

3. When looking for free samples with free shipping, keep in mind that although they do include free shipping, the sample is still likely to take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to arrive. Free shipping is a nice way to save a few dollars, but because it’s free, it’s not going to be sent overnight. You are going to need to have patience in waiting for the product to arrive. I like to sign up for multiple offers. That way, they are arriving all the time and I’m not holding my breath for one in particular.

Latest Freebies with Free Shipping:

Free Sample of Breathe Right Lavender Scent or Extra Clear Strips

Free Sample of Breathe Right Strips

Breathe Right is giving out samples of their Extra Clear Strips for a limited time. They’re supposed to help you breath easier – especially during exercise. They’re also an ideal solution for anyone who snores at night. I’ve always wondered if they really work, but never wanted to pay for them just to find out.

Well, getting them for free is the best way to see if they work for you before you actually buy a full sized box. Sign up here to get yours.

This offer is limited to one free sample per person, but it’s a super simple sign up with no strings attached. Enjoy!

Free Curad Truly Ouchless Bandage Sample

Free Curad Truly Ouchless Bandage Sample

Try out Curad’s new Truly Ouchless Bandages for free. They’re a brand new product from Curad that feature flexible fabric material and are’truly’ pain free when you take them off.

Fill out this form, click submit and you’re good to go!

Free Subscription to Parents Magazine

Free Subscription to Parents Magazine

For a limited time, you can sign up to get a free subscription to Parents Magazine. You can request one here, here or here. This offer is easy peasy and low maintenance because there won’t be a bill and you won’t need to call in and cancel or anything like that. Yay. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Free Subscription to Family Fun Magazine

Free Family Fun Magazine Subscription

Another fun family activity magazine is up for grabs. While supplies last, snag a free, 10 issue subscription to Family Fun Magazine. It’s full of great ideas for cooking, family activities, budgeting tips, lifestyle articles and more.

To sign up, go here or go here. No purchase required, no obligation.

You can also head over here and sign up for a free one year subscription by entering your email in the box in the very top right hand corner and then subscribing to their newsletter. Once you subscribe, you’ll get a one year subscription for free!

Free Samples of Everly All Natural Zero Calorie Drink Mix

Free Samples of Everly All Natural Drink Mix

Everly has free samples available of their new sugar free, zero calorie, all natural drink mix. There are a few different flavors: Pomegranate Maqui Berry, Peach Mango and Green Tea Passion Fruit.

Go here to request one. Scroll down to the bottom left corner and click on the free sample ‘sign me up’ button. Subscribe to their newsletter and click ‘subscribe’.

Your samples will be on their way to you within a few weeks.

Free Quit Tea Sample

Free Sample of Quit Tea

If you have been trying to quit smoking, but you can’t seem to overcome the frustration, here is your chance to quit for good.

Quit Tea is a natural way to quit smoking – a calming herbal tea that helps to reduce cravings. They’re offering free samples of their product for a limited time.

To get one, just visit this link and fill out the form on the right hand side and click ‘submit’.

Your sample will arrive in 6-8 weeks.

Free Bio-35 Sample from Pro-Biotiks

Free Bio-35 Sample from Pro-Biotiks

Get a free sample of Bio-35 for free from Pro-Biotiks. This nutritional supplement helps to improve your immune system, improve your cholesterol levels and provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help keep you feeling healthy and energized.

This offer is limited to one per household. Go here or or here to get yours and for additional details.

These sample are only available to one request per household and only while they have supplies in stock.

Free Nikwax Tech Wash, Polar Proof or BaseFresh Deodorizing Conditioner Sample

Free Nikwax BaseFresh Deodorizing Conditioner Sample

If you are a runner or cyclist, you need to try out Nikwax products. Right now, you can get a free sample of Nikwax’s Basefresh Deodorizing Conditioner.

It’s a deodorizing conditioner for all technical or wicking clothing worn next to the skin – think baselayers, underwear, etc. The product helps to keep your clothing fresh and prevent build up while enhancing and revitalizing the clothing’s wicking properties. This also improves your skin’s breathbility during exercise. Your clothing will also be more dirt and stain resistant and can be washed with regular laundry detergents when you use the Nikwax conditioner on them instead of requiring you to do a separate load of laundry with ‘technical clothing’ detergent.

Take their simple quiz here or here to get your free sample. You can also sign up to receive additional free products and coupons. They have a number of products all specially designed to help keep your skin cool and fresh when working out.

Free Issue of Glam Belleza Latina Magazine

Free Issue of Glam Belleza Latina

A special beauty and lifestyle magazine especially for Latinas, Glam Belleza Latina is giving out free issues for a limited time. This magazine has beauty, makeup and fashion tips along with lifestyle articles and more.

Try it out for free while supplies last. To get yours, go here and fill out the form. Click submit and you’ll be on your way to your free issue.

Free Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion Sample

Free Sample of Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion

These Nivea lotions are so great. Try out a sample of their Extended Moisture body lotion by going here, filling out the form clicking on the ‘request free sample’ button.

(FYI: You have to be on a full sized computer to view the form. It won’t show up on smaller devices, smart phones, etc.)

They’ll send you a .14 oz. sachet of the product for you to try. :) This lotion is specially formulated to relieve dry, tight skin, leaving you with softer, more supple skin. Can’t wait to try this one out. Hope you guys enjoy!

Free Sample of AdvilPM

Free Sample of AdvilPM

While supplies last, snag a free sample of AdvilPM! This one is super easy – just go here to sign up for one. They’ll have you fill out a little form with your shipping info. They’ll send you a free 2 count sample pack.

One sample per household. 18 and up only.

Free Sample of Allegra Allergy

Free Sample of Allegra Allergy

Do any of you get Springtime allergies? I do. And I hate them!

Get some relief with a free sample of Allegra Allergy by filling out and submitting this form.

They’ll have you answer a few quick questions, and then they’ll send your sample to you via mail. One sample per household while supplies last.

PS (Just a head’s up): This is mainly for people who haven’t used Allegra Allergy before, so if you tell them you’ve been using it already, you may not qualify for sample.