Maybelline Samples

Maybelline Cosmetics was started in 1915 by TL Williams, a New York Chemist. He had seen his sister apply Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a fuller and darker look. He created what became known as cake mascara. The company eventually was named for his sister Maybel, his inspiration. Jump ahead to 2011 (95 years later) and the company is one of the top rated in the world. Maybelline Makeup is a time tested company whose products continue to evolve and update with the changing needs of women. Maybelline Cosmetics caters to many different ages, skin types and tones.

A few products which were recently given the distinction of the best makeup to own come from Maybelline. The New York Lip Polish Lip Gloss gives great polished shine that is long lasting. As for eye shadow, Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner comes in many color choices and is therefore a product that is appealing to many. Maybelline Makeup also has Expert Wear Shadow Duos, which is a great product for a great price. To wash off that beautiful eye makeup, Maybelline has a New York Expert Eyes 100% Oil Free Eye Makeup. This is a product that is not greasy and washes away the eye makeup cleanly, as if one is using merely water. Maybelline Cosmetics is part of an industry that continues to change and even though it started as an idea in 1915, it continues to meet the needs of the consumer of today.

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