Free Prenatal Vitamins at Meijer Stores

Meijer has an awesome program for expecting and soon-to-be-expecting moms.

Since prenatal vitamins are so crucial for expectant moms, Meijer pharmacies are now offering certain brands completely free as part of their free prenatal vitamin program.

They now recommend that women start taking these vitamins months before they become pregnant, so if you are hoping to become pregnant in the near future, be sure to start a vitamin regimen now!

Here are the brands of vitamins that you can get for free:

NatalCare Plus
Ultra Natal Care
Natalcare Glosstab
NataTab Rx
Advanced NatalCare

Go here to see full details and find a Meijer Pharmacy near you.

Free Prenatal Vitamins at Meijer Stores


  • My doctor said anyone can take these that need an extra boost of vitamins. I take them all the time just for the extra boost of vitamins and I know I’m not missing any. And vitamin coupons and sales, help especially when they are B1G1 and you have a coupon!

  • This is a great store. I’m so glad that more professionals are making an effort to reduce the cost of women’s healthcare. I will be sure to pass this offer along to people I know.


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