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MAC is considered by many to be the most popular cosmetics brands in the world. Usually, first time customers find themselves loyal fans after just a single purchase. The products do cost more than your typical drugstore brand makeup products, though. So, if you’re curious about trying something by MAC Cosmetics, trying a sample can help you figure out if you like their stuff or not before you drop any cash on a product.

Most MAC Cosmetics customers swear by their products, but you’ll still want to try them out for yourself since they do tend to cost a little more than your typical drugstore brand cosmetics. However, MAC makeup products are right on par with the price for other department store brands (even though we think they outrank those brands as well). So, if you’re used to buying Clinique makeup, Bobbi Brown cosmetics or other similar brands of beauty products, MAC will surprise you with it’s quality but not it’s price tags.

MAC makeup samples are harder to find than most other samples, so if you are lucky enough to find this page, bookmark it and come back – we’ll do the work for you and find every legit offer for free MAC Cosmetics makeup products available on the web. You’re welcome. 😉


When it comes to quality lip glosses, lipsticks, or any other lip product, MAC lip glosses are the cream of the crop. The end.

Just kidding. But really, if you’re looking for a no fail, top notch gloss that will be there for you regardless of the occasion, take a look at what MAC Cosmetics has to offer. They feature about a dozen different lip gloss formulas in hundreds of shades. Want some suggestions? The MAC lip gloss line contains two of my all time favorite lip glosses: MAC Plushglass and MAC Lipglass.

MAC Plushglass – For me, the Plushglass edges out the Lipglass only because of its “to-die-for” texture. The Lipglass is a little bit thicker and a little stickier than the Plushglass. MAC Plushglass feels lighter and softer. The Plushglass is also said to plump your lips. You do feel a little buzz after applying the gloss, but for me the benefit is the drop dead gorgeous color and the texture. The funny thing is that I felt like nothing could top the Lipglass until MAC launched the Plushglasses. I have literally never found a better gloss. Anywhere.

MAC Lipglass – The best “go-to” classic lip gloss. The Lipglass comes in more shades than the Plushglass since it has been around longer and is more of a makeup basic essential. You can find a shade for literally any occasion. The texture is better than the glosses from other brands in my opinion. It has a delish vanilla scent,

The only down side to either of these glosses is the price. They cost about $14-18 per tube of gloss. And surprise, surprise. Here’s where the benefit of free lip gloss samples comes in. Try a lip gloss sample for free to find out what the fuss is all about. You can browse the latest free MAC lip gloss sample offers available below. Then, if you find you love MAC lip glosses as much as I do, you can make your makeup purchasing decisions accordingly. At the very least, you’ll end up with a free sample of the best lip gloss on the market.


MAC Cosmetics Pigment is a loose powder eyeshadow that can be used to create a sheer wash of color, or layered to provide more intense color payoff. Pigments are usually used on the eyelids, but can also be used for cheeks and face. They are one of MAC’s most popular products, and are bought as collectors items by MAC enthusiasts everywhere.

A full sized jar of MAC Pigment will last for an extremely long time since a little dab of the powder is all you need. Since each container lasts so long, you want to be sure you are getting a color you will really use. Computer images can be deceiving, so trying an actual Pigment sample can help ensure you end up with a shade you actually like before you go through with the purchase of a full size jar.

MAC Pigment samples are usually available from someone who buys full sized jars and then either sells, or offers for free, 1/4 teaspoon sized samples of their original container. Since pigments currently cost about $22 per jar, it’s definitely worth your while to test out a few shades before you decide which ones to actually purchase.

Here are the latest offers we could find for free MAC Cosmetics makeup samples and other offers for deals and discounts on products by MAC Cosmetics:

Expired: MAC Cosmetics Lipglass Giveaway!

MAC Cosmetics Lipglass Giveaway at !!

For you MAC Cosmetics lovers out there, we are doing ANOTHER MAC giveaway this month! The lucky winner this time will get to choose their favorite shade of MAC Lipglass!

MAC’s Lipglass is my all time favorite gloss. It is soft, vibrant and won’t dry out your lips. It comes in a whole bunch of different shades, so there are colors to compliment any skin tone.

It starts now and ends on June 1st, 2015 at midnight MST. Must be 18 years and up and located in the U.S. If you’re located outside the U.S., be sure to check out our May makeup collection giveaway that is open worldwide (starting May 20th).

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MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Giveaway!

Enter the MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Giveaway at !!

We have another fun giveaway starting. This one’s specifically for our wonderful email subscribers!

We’re giving away a MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in the shade of your choice! If you haven’t tried MAC’s Lipstick yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s my fav by far. It doesn’t dry out your lips, it has excellent color payoff and it lasts.

To enter, just submit your entries using our giveaway widget below (if you don’t see the widget, click here!).

If you’re already subscribed to our emails, all you need to do is submit your entry. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can quickly do so here. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll need to also confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in that email.

The giveaway runs for just a couple of weeks, ending on April 30th, 2015 at midnight EST. It’s open worldwide to anyone 18 and up!

Best of luck and thank you for entering!! xoxo

Enter the MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Giveaway at !!

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$400 MAC Cosmetics Gift Card Giveaway!

Yay! We are so excited about this giveaway. We’re giving away a whopping $400 gift card to MAC Cosmetics! If you’re new to MAC, you are in for a serious treat. If you already love their stuff, you already get it and there’s not much more I need to say. :)

This gift card can be used online as well as at any MAC counter or freestanding store.

MAC is my go-to cosmetics brand and I literally don’t know what I’d do without the line. My favorite products are their Plushglass (a soft, ultra shiny, lip plumping lip gloss) and their Studio Fix (a light, soft, creamy powder foundation). I will stop there, but I could go on and on.

We’ve teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers to do this giveaway, so there are dozens and dozens of ways to earn entries. Remember that you can come back daily for extra chances to win! All the entry types are included in our giveaway widget below. If you don’t see it, just click here!

The giveaway starts now (7am EST on Friday, January 16th) and ends at midnight EST on Friday, January 30th.

Also, be sure to check out our $173 Sephora ‘Color My Life’ Makeup Palette Giveaway too!

$400 MAC Cosmetics Gift Card Giveaway

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Thank you, thank you to Oh My Gosh Beck! for organizing the giveaway. And thank you to our other amazing co-hosts: Fashionabella, Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Nail Polish Anonymous, LABELTWENTYNINE, My Fashion On The Rox,, Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink, Mommy on the Money, The Bariatric Beauty, Ashley Brooke, Parenting Healthy, Delightful Chaos, Giveaway Fairy, Mandy Jean Chic, Geniabeme, Coming Up Roses, Beyoutiful Beauty, Pumps and Push-Ups, We Shop in Heels, Oddly Lovely and Luv Saving Money.

Enter to Win I-Blush MAC Products

This is a great offer from I-Blush! You can enter here to win one of several MAC Products! This contest ends on October 14, 2013. Here are some of the prizes they are offering:
M.A.C 4 Brush Set (168SE, 187SE, 190SE, 194SE
M.A.C Pigment/Glitter Set (Naked, Reflects Bronze, Most Darling, Gilded Green, Gold Mode)
M.A.C Tartan Tale: Beauties Play It Cool Eyeshadow Palette.

MAC Lipstick Giveaway!!

MAC Crosswires

Yay! We are doing another MAC giveaway! This time, the winner will get to choose a MAC lipstick in the shade of their choice!

MAC lipstick is my favorite lipstick by far. The lucky winner can choose from hundreds of shades right on the MAC website, If you haven’t tried their lip products yet, you need to enter! Best of luck to all of you!


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Photo credit: diannedc

$50 MAC Cosmetics Gift Card Giveaway!

new things 7

Woohoo, beauties! We’re giving away another $50 gift card to! To enter, choose any of the entry types in the form below and follow the instructions. You can get extra points for sharing the giveaway with your friends! You can do as many entry types as you would like. With tweets and comments, you can even come back each day and enter again!

Good luck to all of you!

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MAC Cosmetics $50 Gift Card Giveaway – Round Two!

MAC cosmetics

Well, all we have to say is that was quite the giveaway – it was our most popular one so far! Congratulations to Clenna E., who won! We hope you can pick out some awesome MAC products with your gift card, Clenna. :)

Today, we’re going to go ahead with ROUND TWO! We’re giving away another $50 gift card for this February giveaway. As with our last one, you can enter a whole bunch of different ways. You can even Tweet or Pin our site once each day if you want to earn extra entries. Remember, if you participated in any of our last giveaways and have liked us, followed us, mentioned us, etc, those count again for this and any future giveaways too! You qualify for free entries and so all you need to do is click the button on the form for those entry types. :)

It seemed like you guys really liked the idea of the gift card, but we’d love to hear what other ideas you guys have for us for future giveaways, so there’s an entry type for your feedback as well. Here’s the form and we’ll let you guys have at it! Good luck to everyone! xoxo

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MAC Cosmetics $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

MAC cosmetics

Yayyyyy our next giveaway is on! This time, we’re giving our lucky winner a gift card to so they can pick out whatever their little heart desires. :)

There are a whole bunch of different ways to enter – you can do all of them for more entry points if you want! Enter using the form below and best of luck to all of you beauties! xoxo

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MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Lipglass Giveaway!

Hooray! Our next giveaway is underway! We’re giving away a MAC Cosmetics Powder Eyeshadow and a MAC Lipglass in the shades of your choice! Also, congratulations to Taura M., the winner of our last giveaway. She chose two gorgeous shades of MAC Lipstick. :) We hope you love your new lipsticks, Taura!

The eyeshadows and lip glosses have been some of our most popular giveaways, so we’re excited to give away more them. If you haven’t tried MAC’s Lipglass, you’re MISSING OUT! You will love it. The shades are gorgeous, and it’s one of the best lip glosses on the market.

As part of the giveaway, we wanted to include options to help promote our awesome web developers at Project Helium too! They’ve helped us design and develop our site, and have been sooo helpful with other things that have come up. They’re the best choice we could have made as far as small business web developers go!

As with our other giveaways, you can enter a bunch of different ways. They’re all listed in the widget below:

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This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only!

Color Week: Purple Eyes

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Giveaway!

First of all, congratulations to Shanta S., the winner of our last giveaway! And, we are excited to announce that we’ve just started our next freebie event!

This one is for TWO Lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics in the shades of your choice. MAC Lipsticks are the bomb dot com when it comes to high quality lipsticks that don’t dry your lips. They are also one of the products that made MAC famous. The lipstick looks fabulous under a lipgloss or can be worn on it’s own.

On this giveaway, we are partnering with our buddies over at eReplacmentParts. They encourage frugal living, do it yourself projects and other money-saving lifestyles by making it easy for you to fix the stuff you have instead of throwing it out. You can find a part for just about any kitchen appliance or household item on their site in additional to super easy-to-follow ‘how to’ videos on their site. We’ve included a few entry types on our form below so you can get to know them a little better, and also have more chances to win! :)

For those of you who are already following us on Twitter, Facebook or have mentioned us, etc. from earlier giveaways, you already qualify for entries in this giveaway too! All you need to do is record your entries using the form below. Good luck to everyone! xoxo

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MAC Cosmetics Lip Conditioner and iPod Shuffle Giveaway!

Well, we’ve put a little fitness spin on our next giveaway! We’ve partnered up with a few fitness blogs to bring you this one. This time around, the winner will get a full sized tube of MAC Cosmetics lip conditioner AND an iPod Shuffle! These two pair up perfectly for the one part of your beauty routine you should never neglect: exercise!

Whether you hit the gym on a regular basis, or like to go on walks to stay active, this little iPod shuffle will keep you company while the MAC Lip Conditioner will keep your lips super soft – protected from the wind and sun while you’re out and about.

There are even more ways to enter this time, so have at it!

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MAC Cosmetics Samples [UK Only] [Participation Required]

Hurray for our UK readers. This little freebie offer is especially for you. This one does require participation, but these hard to find MAC samples make it worth it. To get the sample, click on the box to your right and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

MAC Lipstick and Lipglass Giveaway!

Our next giveaway is now underway! This time we are giving away a MAC Lipstick and a MAC Lipglass. The lucky winner will get to select their shades. (You can see all available shades of MAC lipstick here:, and all available shades of Lipglass here:

MAC’s Lipglass is one of my all time favorite products. It’s perfect worn on it’s own, or you can layer it over your MAC Lipstick for extra impact.

As with our other giveaways, you can enter a whole bunch of different ways, including daily entries by Tweeting about the giveaway to help us spread the word!

Good luck! xoxo

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MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Giveaway!

Our next giveaway is underway! This time, we’re giving away a MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish. If you haven’t tried this product before, you’re in for a treat. Mineralize Skinfinish is an all time MAC fan favorite. MAC junkies collect these like nobody’s business.

The product is applied on bare skin or on top of your foundation. They have a slight sheen to them to give your skin a finish of perfection. They can double as bronzers or highlighters depending on the shade you choose, so they’re the perfect product for summertime.

You can see all available shades here:

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MAC Cosmetics Nail Lacquer Giveaway!

We had a lot of requests over the last little while for a nail polish giveaway. So, here you go! The winner of this giveaway will get 2 MAC Cosmetics Nail Lacquers in their choice of shades.

MAC nail polishes are top of the line and come in fun, edgy shades as well as beautiful traditional shades too. They last much longer than regular drugstore brand nail polishes. Enter for your chance to try them out. :)

This giveaway will end on the 22nd, and you can Tweet about the giveaway each day for additional entries, so be sure to sign up asap! Best of luck to all! xoxo

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