Free Hairspray Samples

I don’t know about you, but for me, all hairsprays are NOT created equal. I’ve used some that were absolutely terrible. I’ve also used some that were fantastic. Since most bottles of hairspray are huge, it’s a shame to buy a whole thing of it only to find out you don’t like the product. We post all the latest hairspray sample offers here so that you can try a few out before you purchase the full sized container.

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The Latest Hairspray Freebies:

Free Advanced Haircare Sample from L’Oreal Paris

Free Sample of L'Oreal Advanced Haircare Products

Another sweet freebie. This one, from L’Oreal Paris, is a product sample pack from their deluxe Advanced Haircare line. Go here to sign up and tell them where to send your sample.

This haircare line is composed of L’Oreal’s higher end products and each product group is customized to target specific hair type needs.

You can choose from the following product lines (they may adjust these depending on current availability):
Total Repair 5 (for dry hair types)
Triple Resists (for delicate and fragile hair types)
Color Vibrancy (for color treated hair)
Power Moisture (for normal or slightly dry hair types)
Smooth Intense (for frizzy hair types)
Volume Filler (for fine or thin hair)

Hope you enjoy this one!

Free Sample of Carter Supply Co. Elevate or Flux Hair Styling Cream

Free Sample of Carter Supply Co. Hair Styling Product

Sweet, a new freebie is available from Carter Supply Co. Get a free sample of one of two of their hair styling products – Flux or Elevate.

Follow the instructions here to get a sample. They will have you go to their YouTube channel, subscribe, and leave at least one comment.

Within 24 hours, they’ll send you a link where you can submit your mailing information for your free sample. Cool!

Expired: Dove Dry Spray, Beauty Bar and Hair Styling Product Giveaway!

Dove Dry Spray, Hair Styling Product and Beauty Bar Giveaway

Oh what fun!

We are partnering with Dove to bring you our next fabulous giveaway! We love Dove products and couldn’t be more excited.

To mix things up a little, we will have THREE winners this time!

We’re featuring Dove’s new Dry Spray Antiperspirant, and so each winner will receive a prize pack containing a a Dove Dry Spray Deodorant/Antiperspirant as well as a Dove hair styling product (hairspray, crème, etc.) and a Dove Beauty Bar!

If you haven’t yet tried Dove’s Dry Spray, you are in for a treat. Yes, it is very different than a regular stick deodorant, but for many of you, you will find yourself switching over to the spray and ditching your old product forever.

Dove’s spray is invisible. And I mean completely invisible. Many stick antiperspirant brands claim their product doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes, but everyone knows that they all still do. Some are better than others, but I’ve never found one that completely eliminated this problem until I tried Dove’s Spray.

Trying a spray instead of a stick was very different at first, but I found that once on, the product was just as effective as my regular deodorant (Dove Go Fresh in the Cool Essentials cucumber and green tea scent). The first time I applied it, I thought the spray felt wet for a couple minutes, but I quickly realized it was completely dry, and just had a kind of ‘cool’ feeling for the first little bit. It actually dries in seconds and is completely dry to the touch after that. And like I said, it’s completely invisible. It was nice to not have to be so careful putting a shirt over my shoulders. You can just dress quick and go.

The Dry Spray also comes in a variety of scents: Original (jasmine and rose), Revive (pomegranate, zesty lemon and verbena), Cool Essentials (green tea and cucumber) and Beauty Finish (water lily, freesia and jasmine). Some people have said they much preferred one scent over another. Some of the scents were too strong, depending on the person. Most people said they liked Revive or Cool Essentials the best, so you may want to try one of those first. :)

Dove Dry Spray, Hair Styling Product and Beauty Bar Giveaway

I also use Dove’s Beauty Bar as my regular soap. I like their Sensitive Skin/Unscented Beauty Bar or their Shea Butter Beauty Bar. I’ve tried a lot of other brands, but so many of them leave my skin feeling itchy for some reason. I couldn’t figure out what was up until I tried switching soap. Dove is the only one that doesn’t irritate my skin and doesn’t dry it out. If you haven’t tried it, test it out and see what you think!

Dove Beauty Bar, Hair Styling Product and Dry Spray Deodorant Giveaway

I’m so excited to share these fav products with you. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!
If you’re new to these products, you do not want to miss this giveaway!

Follow and Dove on social media to earn entries. You can also share the giveaway and come back daily to earn even more points. The more entries you complete, the better chance you have to win.

Choose whichever entry types you would like to do by using our giveaway widget below. If you don’t see it for some reason, just click here.

The giveaway starts today and goes until Monday, December 28th, ending that night at midnight MST. It is open to U.S. residents. Must be 18 or older to enter.

Thank you so much for entering and best of luck to all you beauties!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Expired: Free Matrix Style Link Volume Builder Mini Mousse Sample

Free Matrix Mini Mousse Volume Builder Sample

Hurry! The first 5,000 people to request this will get it. Sign up here for a chance to get a free Matrix Mini Mousse Volume Builder sample!

Mousses are perfect if you’re doing a style that requires volume and hold all at the same time. They work great for curls too.

It’s always great to be able to try a product like this before you buy it, too. Good luck to everyone who tries for this one!

Free Pureology Hair Care Samples Giveaway

Free Pureology Samples Giveaway

Every month, Pureology gives away a ton of free samples. They have limited supplies, so not everyone who signs up with get samples, but you can enter right here for a chance to be one of the ones who does.

If you haven’t tried Pureology, you need to! Pureology is my all time favorite. I’ve never found a brand that works better, or even comes close in my opinion. Their stuff is top of the line, cream of the crop. It is amazing.

This month’s freebie is a Pureology Colour Stylist System sample set. It includes seven different products: Fortifying Heat Spray Protective Primer, Anti Split Blowdry Styling Cream, Nourishing Nectar Sculpting Gel, Cuticle Polisher Shine Serum, Strenthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray and their Silk Bodifier Volumizing Mousse. There’s a product for each stage of your hair care routine.

Free Sample of Batiste Dry Shampoo

Free Sample of Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste is giving out free samples of their Dry Shampoo to selected applicants. If you haven’t tried a dry shampoo yet, this is a good chance to do it. You can use these in between washes to keep your hair fresher, longer, without having to completely re-wash and dry your hair. They’re a great time saver.

To apply for this sample, go here and fill out the form. They’ll have you enter your info and answer a few quick multiple choice questions about your use of the product. Enjoy!

Free Roux Hair Care Samples – Choose Keratin Repair or Color Protect

Free Roux Hair Care Samples

While supplies last, Roux has samples available to those who go here and sign up. Just fill our your shipping info and then use the drop down menu to select either their Keratin Repair or Color Protect formula.

These both look so tempting, I’m going to have a hair time choosing. :)

Free Rave Hairspray – at 3pm EST Monday, October 20th through Friday, October 24th

Free Bottle of Rave Hairspray

Get ready! Rave is giving away free bottles of their hairspray at 3pm EST each day to the first set number of people to enter (usually between 50 and 100). To get one, go here and like their Facebook page to unlock the deal. Then, have the page with the form ready to submit RIGHT at 3pm EST on Monday, October 20th. You can try again Tuesday through Friday if you don’t get it submitted quickly enough on Monday. These run out within the first couple seconds, so if you try for this one, have it all ready to go ahead of time and watch your clock!

Free Living Proof Hairspray Sample at Sephora Stores

Free Living Proof Hairspray Sample at Sephora

Another in-store freebie is available at Sephora! For a limited time, head into your nearest Sephora store and pick up a complimentary Living Proof Hairspray sample – no purchase required.

I love when they have these freebies – whenever I see an in-store freebie pop up, I go run all the errands at the mall that I’ve been putting off. :)

Free Sample of Bigen Sheen Spray for Hair

Free Bigen Sheen Spray Sample

Bigen is giving out free samples of their Sheen Spray to fans of their Facebook page for a limited time. This shine enhancing spray helps to keep your hair looking fresh, glossy and polished.

To get a sample, ‘like’ their Facebook page here and click on the ‘weekend only’ tab for the offer. These will only be available until they run out of samples.

Free Samy Fat Hair Product (Full Size Product or Sample Sized Hairspray)!

Free Samy Fat Hair Product

Hurry on this one! Copy and paste this URL into your browser to pull up the form: The page asks you if you currently use Fat Hair hairspray. If you select ‘yes’, you can get a free full sized product while supplies last. Choose from one of these three products from their Amplifying hair care line: Leave-In Conditioner, Blow-Dry Spray, Mousse or Creme. If you select ‘no’, you will get a free sample sized product while supplies last.

The products are all part of Samy’s new line of Advanced Repair Formula products, which repair hair and also offer protection from future damage.

This offer comes and goes and tends to sell out very quickly, so we will re-post this each time it goes live!

Free Living Proof Hair Care Sample Pack [First 50,000]

Free Living Proof Hair Care Sampler

Hurry on this one! Living Proof is giving out 50,000 sampler hair care packs until midnight tonight, 6/11/2014! You can either ‘gift’ a sampler pack to one of your Facebook friends (we recommend teaming up with a friend and ‘gifting’ eachother a pack, or you can ‘earn’ a free mini for yourself. Go here and either pick the pack you want to gift or click on the ‘earn a free mini’ tab to get one for yourself.

You can choose from the following four formulas: Perfect Hair Day, Living Proof Fan Favorites, No Frizz or Full.